Backed by years of experience at the highest levels of intellectual journalism in its print, electronic and web avatars, Gurmit Singh is arguably the most familiar name in Punjab’s vernacular and NRI media fraternity. His column and TV shows are familiar political, cultural and media landmarks among Punjabis all over the world.
The entire concept of Apna Punjab Media Group has been promoted, owned and spearheaded by him with the cooperation of high end IT & Media professionals. Apna Punjab readers belong to the entire spectrum from the Indian community.
Gurmit Singh is credited with introducing journalism of ideas in Punjab’s fast emerging and powerful new-age media world, particularly the on-line and web genres. In a very short span of time, it has established itself as an authentic and trustworthy news source on Punjab, India & International affairs.
We have launched this NGO with a vision and mission of Making Punjab a Prosperous, happy and developed state.
We strive for the fundamental rights of Punjabi people, their health, education, employment and other major aspects that can bring a Change in the life of People of Punjab.