Punjab is popularly known for its right history, heritage, culture and traditions.
Punjab is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world with a distinguished culture. Punjabi language has its origins in the Indo-European family of languages which included Persian and Latin. A land of ethnic and religious diversity, it is birth place of a number of religious movements. Some of the prominent ones include Sikhism, Buddhism and many Sufi schools of Islam.
Punjab has got a rich heritage and culture. Punjabi Bhangra, Giddha, and other regional sports played by kids of Punjab seems like have become things of past or in books and in films. Punjabi Culture and Heritage needs to developed again.

Punjab has many forts which are on the verge of Extinction which require immediate attention. These forts tell us the ancient history of Punjab.
In ancient Punjab there were big houses named havelies in Punjab which were a great part of our Heritage also and now very less visible in Punjab. Now these are replaced by modern houses.

Punjab is one of the most prosperous states in India, and the food of Punjab attests to this in every morsel. Even though it is known as the breadbasket of India, we get so much more than just that in their cuisine. Down south, a lot of people think that most North Indians are Punjabi and you can’t blame them given all the Punjabi influence in the culture up north! No matter what divides people, food has the power to unite us as Indians, especially the rich Punjabi food with its succulent taste and desi ghee. The main and famous food dishes of punjab are Makki Ki Roti Sarson Ka Saag with butter, Lassi (Butter Milk) jalebi, Amritsari Chana Kulcha and many other non ver items also.