Employment is our basic fundamental right
As everybody knows that the Punjab has become an IELTS States. Lack of Employment opportunities in Punjab are forcing Punjabi Youth to go abroad. We will have to develop an Infrastructure which shall create employment opportunities for Youth of Punjab so that they can earn a good income in their home state and live a decent lifestyle.

1. Public Sector Employment : Opportunities are very less in Punjab because the job creation is very less in Public sector. There are many post lying vacant in public sector of Punjab, but Government is unable to fill them for one reason or the other.

2. Private Sector Employment : We will have to create various job opportunities for Punjab as it is in western and developed in countries. Construction, Industry, IT Sector, Retail Stores, Trade, Food Industry, Trasportation – Cab & Trucking.

With better jobs in their hands and better payouts and wages the employment and prosperity scenario of Punjab will surely change.