Education needs much attention in Punjab
Our endeavour is to develop such Education system in Punjab so as that every Child in Punjab receives education which is our fundamental right. Our focus is on following areas of education

i) Primary Education : Primary education is that basic education which we get from our Village or Town School. It is the first education step which is much needed to be developed in the state of Punjab. As we can see that the situation of Primary schools in Punjab are in a apathetic condition. However some schools are in good condition but most of the schools of the state are in worse condition where children now-a-days also sit on floor and get their basic education. It is the first part that needs serious attention.

ii) Secondary Education : However Government Schools are there in almost every small and Big town / village of Punjab but due to non – availability of teachers, study material, basic infrastructure, one cannot think of sending their children to these school and prefer sending their children to private schools who charge very high fees, funds. Thus the major need is to develop and affordable and best education system for the people and children of Punjab.

iii) Higher / Professional Education : There are many opportunities of higher and professional education in Punjab but their fee structure is not affordable for Middle class. The higher / professional education must be in rfeach of the common man of Punjab. We will help poor and middle class people of Punjab to get higher / professional education.