Almost 64% of Punjab Population lives in villages / town of Punjab which is directly or indirectly dependent on Punjab. The condition of agriculture based economy in Punjab is going down at alarming rate. Number of people of Punjab who are engaged in Farming and other sources of income from agriculture is decreasing day by day. Agriculture is now not a profitable business because of small land holdings and rising prices of equipments Fertilizers, manure, Seeds, Pharmaceuticals and other things necessary which are much needed.

i) Agricultural Equipments : Agriculture equipments are much costlier and if we say that a single owner of 2 acres of land single handedly cannot own a tractor or a thresher or a combine. He has to either depend on others for these or continue with with old tradition of Farming.

ii) Fertilizers : Fertilizers, manure, Urea and other farming catalysts much needed to get a good yield are very expenses and they are out of reach of small farmers. But the farmers till purchase them in order to enhance their production.

iii) Pharmaceuticals & other necessities : Alike fertilizers, medicines and sprays, and other pharmacecuticals are much costlier that are out of the reach of Small farmers.

iv) Crop Insurance : Due to weather conditions, some time due to excess cold or hot weather the crops of farmers are destroyed. But farmers can be saved from this in way of crop Insurance. Farmers need to be educated on this topic.